Welcome to our new court booking system!

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Court Booking Policies v.1.2



  1. Every member must pay membership before having access to the court booking system.
  2. Courts may be booked no more than 72 hours in advance. (Ex. Book 9am Monday for 9am Thursday)
  3. Every member will be allowed to book a maximum of 60 minutes per day for singles matches or a maximum of 90 minutes for doubles.
  4. If a court is available on the same day as your booking, additional court time may be allowed, subject to staff approval. This must be approved through staff upon the completion of your first booking.
  5. Bookings cannot be cancelled through the system less than 1 hour prior to reserved time. Please respect court time usage and call the club to cancel if you are unable to make your booking time.
  6. Member’s names will not be published on the booking website.
  7. Any member who abuses the court booking system will be blocked for a minimum of three-day from booking a court. Examples: disrespectful messaging between members, no-show to a booked court and no action taken to cancel the court on time to make it available to other members, inappropriate use of the “Player Postings” feature other than tennis related topics, booking a court for another member, booking a court 90 minutes for doubles but playing singles.
  8. A court may be booked by one member for practice using the ball machine or hopper for a maximum of one hour.
  9. Minimum of ½ hour time slots are available for members.



  1. Daily or as required, update the bulletin board on the court booking system.
  2. Private lessons by any club pro must be booked on the system.
  3. Any court booked by a member must not be rescheduled on the system for a private or semi-private lesson without prior consent from the member.




  1. All club events (clinics, men’s night, lady’s night, mixed doubles, socials etc.) and tournaments must be reserved and booked on the system in advance.
  2. During tournaments, two courts must be left available at all times; when there is a rain delay, members must not be bumped from a booked time.
  3. Programming such as Mixed Doubles Fridays on tournament weekends must be capped (e.g. 12 teams, first 12 teams).

Tudor Nisioiu (chair, Court Booking Committee)