Ball Machine




Thunder Bay Community Tennis Centre is proud to offer our members a brand new balls machine to use at our facility.

We recently purchased the Spinfire Pro 2 for a little over $4,000.

You can reserve the ball machine for just $10/hour, which basically covers the cost for the balls ($300). This is a perk to all of our members! Thank you for your continuous support.

The machine can be used only on Court 1. Book a time on the Court Booking System, pay your registration ($10) and see one of our staff in the office.

Please have your receipt ready for our staff so you can enjoy the machine faster.

The ball machine will be set-up and removed for you by our clubhouse staff. They’ll also provide you with instructions on how to use it, but you’re responsible for ball pick-up! Please allow yourself 10 min before the end of your hour to pick-up the balls and make it available for the next member to use.

Please use the machine with care, so we all can enjoy it for years to come.

If the remote gets damaged or lost, you are responsible for the replacement, which costs $150.

You may review and/or download the user manual here:


  • Children MUST be supervised at all times.
  • Even if the machine is paused, NEVER stand in front of it as balls can eject at any time.
  • Place the machine on the center of the baseline of the court.
  • Rain and extreme temperatures may damage the machine.
  • DO NOT use wet balls.
  • Using a combination of new and old balls will give inconsistent results.
  • 150 ball maximum.


The ball machine is a fantastic way to practice and improve your game, regardless of your skill level.

The Spinfire Pro 2 makes it easy to practice a wide range of shots, test yourself with a variety of paces, spins and elevations, and build your mobility and fitness with practice drills.

With a number of improvements over the original version, the Spinfire Pro 2 (v2) offers things you’d normally only find on a much more expensive machine. It includes internal

movement, an easy-to-use control panel and remote control, and 150-ball capacity – all wrapped up in an extremely stylish and compact design.

Repetition is the best form of practice which makes the ball machine your best hitting partner. Practice all your shots by controlling the speed, spin, feed and elevation by remote control.

Have fun!