As a whole

Our mission is to grow the sport of tennis in Thunder Bay by offering accessible, progressive programs for children and youth.

Level Screening Process

Then initial screening process will be done through the website.  As all registration for the JD program will be directed through the new JD portal, parents will be asked to select the appropriate level for the child they are registering.  In order to register they will navigate through to the different levels where they can read the information provided and access the curriculum if desired.  Upon selection of the appropriate level, available time slots will pop up for them to select. If they are unsure of which level to select, they will be directed to call the JD Coordinator at the clubhouse to further discuss it.

It will be the JD Coordinator’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the level the participant has been registered in when creating the groups for lessons.  This can be done by previous knowledge of the participants abilities, a phone call to the parent, or if required, an on-court evaluation.


Our mission is to introduce kids to the lifelong game of tennis in an engaging, fun, rewarding environment.

Our aim is to offer a program that equips the participants with the basics, such as gross motor and coordination skills, basic grips and swing techniques, ball tracking and general knowledge of the game.  Our goal is for them to move through this phase creating a love for the game and a skill base to build upon when they happily return for more.


Our mission is to further advance the kids’ love of the game and desire to improve in an encouraging, fun, goal-oriented atmosphere.

Our aim is to build upon their skills and knowledge from the beginner phase by delivering a fun program with variety, opportunity, and challenge to develop their fundamental skill sets.   Our goal is to expand their abilities so they can progress into playing enjoyable interactive drills, and eventually games and matches with their peers.

Advanced Non-Competitive

Our mission is to assist and support the kids in the ongoing growth of their skills and knowledge of the game, so they can continue to enjoy everything that tennis has to offer as a lifelong sport.

Our aim is to offer a challenging and uplifting program in which the kids can learn and excel to the level that they desire.  Our goal is to continue to foster a love of the sport in a like-minded peer environment and to assist the players in developing their practical and tactical skills so they can enjoy success.

Advanced Competitive *NEW*

Our mission is to successfully develop ranked competitive players who have chosen to pursue a high level of excellence and achievement in the sport of tennis.

Our aim is to create a dynamic environment of the quality, consistency, discipline, and commitment required for elite level athletic success, while maintaining and nurturing their love of the sport.  Our goal in establishing such an environment is to develop supremely fit athletes, who are skillful and knowledgeable competitors who respect their peers, themselves, and the process, and therefore go on to find tournament success both locally and beyond.