Tournaments Meeting

Ranking system created and Chris will manage.  The system is as follows:

  • Rankings based on 2 year rotation beginning with 2019 tournament results (don’t have 2019 Early Bird)
  • Following a tournament the results from two years previous will drop off and new tournament points will be added 
  • Point total will be divided the total tournaments played for that person
  • Seedings for the tournaments will follow the rankings
  • Only things that will trump our rankings will be: ATP, ITF, WTA, National or Provincial 
  • If it is a small draw in order to maintain system you will still get the proper number of points; the round points will remain the same
  • Winners of club championships will represent our club in any regional tournament of champions
  • Excel spreadsheet 1000 pts for a win, 750 pts for semi, 500 qrtr, 250 round of 16, 125 round of 32, 
  • Junior rankings are coming

Tournament Schedule

Tournament schedule is based on court resurfacing Mid to end of June

2021 Registration for Tournaments

Mens Draw Entry Deadline is always the Monday week of the tournament at 8:30 pm

Ladies and Juniors  Entry Deadline  is always the Wednesday week of the tournament at 8:30pm

You must register and pay online to sign up for every tournament.

TBCTC 2021 Tournament Schedule

Early Bird Doubles May 29th-30th

Early Bird Singles June 4th-6th

TBCTC Club Juniors July 9th-11th

Downtown VW City Memorial Tourney July 22nd-24th

$12,000 Mascarin Collision Mid Canada Open July 22nd-24th

TBCTC Mixed Doubles Aug 7th-10th (social Friday night)


Robert Everett City Juniors Aug 27th-29th

Port Arthur Family Dental Fall Classic Sept 9th-12th

Year End Finals (Masters)  Sept 20th-26th (week long)

Thanksgiving Mixed Doubles  Oct 3rd

Halloween Mixer Sat Oct 30th (weather permitting)

Recommendations and Rules

Tournament Recommendations and Rules

  1. Tournament chair is in charge of schedule and draws. We should have at least 1 tournament Assistant Chair , to help out Jamie or the Ass. Pro(since they are still running the pro shop as well at the same time)

dealing  with issues that might arise throughout the weekend…ex. disputes on the court, clarification of the rules, If we have more than 1 person helping run the tourney, it will take the pressure off the Pro or Assistant Pro

  1. We will have at least 1 of the assistant tournament Chairs help make the draws with the Pro or Ass. Pro for transparency just so there is no conflict.
  2. All tournament matches should be posted on the Court booking system (it can be updated by Pro or Tournament Assistant Chair) so that players can see from home when they are scheduled to play. It also helps out if there is a rain delay, the court booking system can be updated to reflect the delay…this ties into having an Ass. Tournament Chair there during the day, as they could do this also throughout the day and post matches as well.
  • Warm up should be no more then 5 minutes long
  • starting ALL tournaments on Fridays using at least 6 courts
  • All tournaments will begin to use MATCH NUMBERS on a particular court(changes might need to be made on the fly if someone is playing in another event later). Ex. If there is a match at 6pm on court 1, you will know what court/match you will follow for your 730pm match. 
  • Tournament draws to be completed by event; two consecutive rounds in a row before moving to scheduling another event
  • Your match will not be called before your start time unless the court is available and both players are available
  • There will be no alterations to tournament times and schedules
  • If you play a tournament you are responsible for being available to the tournament schedule; knowing your match times; being available before match time
  • A player will be defaulted when they are more then 15 minutes late from scheduled time; 5 minutes to check in once called; washroom breaks & water bottle refills need to be done before check in times


  1. If one player or team is late from check in time (once called)

       Penalties:   5 minutes or less: Loss of toss plus 1 game 

                            5:01 – 10 minutes: Loss of toss plus 2 games 

                           10:01 – 15 minutes: Loss of toss plus 3 games 

                           More than 15 minutes: default 

  • Scheduled time is from the time their match is called (documented)
  • All matches must be played at their official scheduled time, you can not re-arrange the match outside of the time slot or scheduled match time 
  • Accommodations may only be requested prior to the beginning of the tournament. 
  • Junior tournaments will be scheduled for age groups 12 and 16 at the same time and 14 and 18. This is to avoid conflicts when playing in multiple categories
  • All tournament matches will be best of 3 sets and the 3rd set will be a tie breaker, no ad scoring; from semis on play full third set regular scoring
  • Junior doubles 8 game pro set; no ad 
  • If a tournament participant is playing out ad scoring and the tournament committee finds out they will lose the game.  Server is responsible to keep track of the score

Tournament Registration & Payment


Registration Closes Thursday, September 23rd at 7pm

Open to the first 16 teams

24 in stock